Circle & Affinity Sutton merger

Press Release: Biggest and newest Housing Association in Europe faces strike call over threat to unions 28.11.2016


For months Circle Trade Unions have been asking the new Clarion Management what will happen about consultation over any future redundancies, change in roles or cuts to pay, terms and conditions. We were told by the head of Clarion HR that he was too busy to think about this and would let us know after merger.

Last week, a few days before merger, he now tells the unions that trade union recognition will not transfer to Clarion and that the unions will all be eventually de-recognised.

The Circle Unions have asked for this de-recognition to be put on hold until after merger and we can have some consultation on this but we have been told NO.

Okay. So the new Clarion management want to de-recognise the trade union and deprive you of your legal rights under UN Human Rights law to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

All the Circle Unions (UNISON, Unite, GMB) are going to ballot their members on what action to take against the ending of our human rights. We are genuinely astonished that any progressive social purpose organisation would want to end workers human rights. 28.11.16